a man with a small c-ck and ugly sense of fashion.
look at that buraconak

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  • it's a dune buggy

    when some one says or does something that no one acknowledges. “hey guys look at this!” -…..- “it’s a dune buggy”

  • drop'em blossom

    a cute girl willing to hook up yeah, i took that drop’em blossom to my place after the gig

  • magacious

    something or someone that is strange or weird i wouldn’t hangout with that guy he seems magacious.

  • no standards

    there aren’t any definitions for no standards yet. can you define it?

  • cargo plane

    when you really need to go to the bathroom but cant as ur in the middle of a game or activity and you cant go. “i have a cargo plane cover me please” or ” i have a cargo plane i need to go after this”

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