slang term for pittsburgh, pennsylvania
where you from?
i’m from da burgh!

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  • Burnclip

    someone that cant skate and they clip every thing that they try to ollie. when they fall they rag doll themself and usually get minor injures yet complain about them aka: clipper david just feel just bob burnclip

  • burnt loaf

    to take a dump, orpinch a loaf in a plastic bag, place in a microwave and set cook time to indefinite. common prank in college dormitories. “dorm is boring tonight, let’s leave the girls floor a burnt loaf.”

  • burnt ring

    when ones -n-s is stinging from chilis or diahorrea

  • burrilladilla

    the invention of spreading the contents of a burrito out like a quesadilla. also from this inventor comes the chilirito i kinda want a quesadilla, but i also want a burrito…i know! i’ll make a quesadilla with the contents of a burrito! a burrilladilla!

  • Burrnasty

    when you are getting a bl-w j-b, sitting down, grab the girls head a shove her nose in your -ss crack. when you do that fart on her face. i just burrnastied this dirty sl-t.

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