to have an std
i heard that he is out here buring b-tchs

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  • bridge sister

    (incorrectly called quarter sister) the half sister of your half brother or half sister. sally is my bridge sister. she is not my blood sister at all. see, my half sister brenda and i have the same father. brenda and sally have the same mother. so, sally & i are kind of related through our […]

  • Bring All Your Fuck

    the request to raise one’s game, ability or skill. to put it in simple terms, to not be sh-t. mel: what the f-ck? that was f-cking pathetic… we’re gonna take a break and when we get back you guys better make sure to… bring all your f-ck!

  • british cottage

    when a girl is getting it from the front and the back at the same time 1 more definition girl gettin it from the front and the back “krysti hartt”

  • Brobama Care

    brobama care: n. def: the -ssistance given to one bro by a collection of bro’s to help supplement said bro’s lack of funds. brobama care usually occurs at the local bar when last call is announced. however, brobama care can also be the act of “loaning” said bro with beer, cigarettes or cash under any […]

  • half cheek

    half cheeking is when someone or yourself is on public transport and you sit down but you only sit own with one half cheek on the seat person 1: that person you were sitting next to you looked crazy person 2: yeah thats why i was half cheeking

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