an amazingly awesome guy with a great music choice and some amazing talent. he is usually very shy and doesn’t talk much but once you get to know him you will want to be his closest friend. he is self conscious but doesn’t need to be, because he is very handsome and doesn’t need to change at all, no matter how much he thinks he does.
mae: wow, burke is such a great guy. i wish he knew how much people care about him.
old c-ckney-english word meaning c-nt. a profanity referring to the boxal region of a lady.
“guvna, i had a right funny time tryin’ to get up them there stairs”
“shut up you f-cking burke”
the literal definition of this word is “to suffocate a person by means which leave no evidence, such as visual bruises and marks.” i.e. to suffocate with a pillow or other soft object.
trevor: “have you seen billy?”
octavia: “no, i haven’t. do you think he’s been burked?”
m-ffled voice under a pillow: “trevor, can you -ssist me in escaping?”
trevor: “i don’t know, did i just hear billy under that pillow?”
octavia: -sits on pillow- “no, thtat was just the air conditioning kicking on.”
a very unfortunate surname for those living in the united kingdom.

not to be confused with berk which is the c-ckney slang for c-nt. (short for berkeley hunt)
person 1: hi, i’m bri burke
person 2: lol! berk? you’re a c-nt!
a dance that involves little to no clothing
watching him burke makes me want to sh-t in a bag.
beyond an idiot, a right proper b-ll-nd, total c-nt. should of been drowned at birth.
your a burke… c-nt b-ll-nd n-b
a fart that squirts out at least 2 ounces of liquid p–p caused by wbs, wbs stands for wet b-tt syndrome, its when sweat leaks into your b-tt crack and you fart or p–p. p–p is worse than a fart, though.

and yes, farkle and burke are related.
aww man!!! i just farted out burke!!!
being hungover… you think the morning after a night in vegas is bad, try teaching theology next period.
“aw man. i’m gonna be so burke in the morning”

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