(1) slang: to disrespect someone (to diss); to make fun of someone; used by a third party after a first party makes fun of a second party. brought back to life by the ever-popular that 70’s show.

(2) slang: to smoke marijuana or any other drug used with fire, to get high. see burn out

(3) verb: to char or scorch something using fire
(1) child: “mom, did people really use the word ‘burn!’ in the 70’s?”
mother: “no.”
child: oh, burn!

(2) stoner 1: man, are we gonna get burnt out today?
stoner 2: i don’t know, it isn’t 420

(3) tony watched the logs burn in the fire.
an exclamatory response, generally used by a third party after someone has just received an insult.
“she said you had a small p-n-s? oh, burn!”
to be thoroughly humiliated or insulted to the point where you cannot return with a comeback.
fred was “burned” by his friends for admitting to liking limp bizkit.
smoke weed
lets burn
an exclamation used to imply that one has just been insulted with no chance of reb-ttal.
“…and that’s how you contracted herpes! burn!”
slang for a serious insult; verbal ownage
“ooooh, that’s a burn!!”
1. v. to infect someone with veneral disease.
2. to add data or music to a blank cdr
3. to set something on fire
1. she burned me! i have pus dripping out of my d-ck.
2. burn me a copy of the cd.
3. burn the evidence before the cops get here.

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