bush hippy

a person who adventures out into nature with either little knowledge of survival or with an over confidence in their ability to use primitive survival techniques in order to be “closer to nature.” often bush hippys reject science, technology, and known animal behaviour in favor of mysticism. they can also be people who poach and trash up local areas, while claiming environmentalist opinions that reject conservation in favor of radical political change.

two notable examples are timothy treadwell and chris mccandless who both died from an overconfidence in their semi mystical belief that their interactions with nature surp-ssed scientific data and common sense.
john: “did that guy who p-ssed us on the trail not have any gear with him?”
jake: “probably just a bush hippy who’s going to get himself killed.”

john: “did that bush hippy just b-tch at me for being a republican who hates nature when they just littered the entire area with their power bar wrappers?”
jake: “that’s the problem with bush hippies, they don’t care about conservation just feelings and legislation on companies. they use the environment as a scape goat for their political ideals.”

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