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a euphemism for long l-b– on an unshaven v-g-n-
“yo, alex, you see that girl in the skirt on the dancefloor”
“yeah, she’s lookin fine”
“check out the bushmeat hanging out from under her skirt”
“slap slap goes the bushmeat!”
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meat that is sold illegaly on the black market. primarily chimpanzees and gorillas.
i was walking through the street in india when this old man tried selling me some bush meat.
noun.: ugly or sketchy people that you would never, ever take home… unless you were super desperate.

adj.: used to describe something or someone that is gross and/or sketchy.

this is derived from an african term referring to meat of questionable (often primate) origin that people eat, despite the risk of disease or inherent danger in capturing, because they are desperate.
“yeah man, jarred is in a bad place, he’s been pulling bushmeat from the bar all weekend.”

“you see that girls face that justin brought back? straight-up bushmeat, bro”

“d-mn, look at all these bushmeat–ss b-tches! we need to go someplace else.”
a hairy v-g-n-.
guy 1: yo, man, i had some bush meat last night.
guy 2: oh, that hot chick didn’t shave?
guy 1: nah, she served me a fur-burger!
guy 2: least you got something.
1. n.: meat that is harvested from several animals that a person from a civilized society would not eat, monkey, goat t-ts, snake p-ssy, pig p-n-s, etc. many people are fed bushmeat on bahamian vacations without knowledge of it and become ill.
i got sick as h-ll while we were in the dominican, those b-st-rds and their god d-mn bushmeat!
hairy v-g-n-
-“why are you in the hospital?’

-“dude, i was half asphyxiated by her m-ssive bushmeat!”
in africa (nigeria), guys from urban cities refer to shy girls from rural areas as bushmeat.
dude where were u last night?

oh! last night was a blast. i met this bushmeat at the party and got one night from her.

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