bustass fart

a fart that is so loud it sounds like someone’s -ss exploded.
janie ate some hot sauce that caused her gas, so she could let out some bust-ss farts.

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  • squash the carrot

    masturebate your p-n-s. “i’m about to squash the carrot “

  • bombinatrix

    a compound word defining the coolest sh-t. that girl is the bombinatrix a noun that describes something as bomb and -inatrix meaning coolest sh-t.

  • moltzer

    when one places their lips and tongue on ones b-tthole and proceeds to french kiss their -n-s. “d-mn jason, i never knew you were so talented with your mouth, your moltzers are the best!”

  • coople

    cool people; pertaining to anything that is cool that is totally coople! that’s the coople group in our school! the word coople means when you are at a store and you see a cool pineapple woah! that pineapple is coople!

  • nap rocket

    a harry black penius in anime, usually in g-y context. pikichu loves the nap rocket in his bung hole.

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