a “b-tt-bang” can either mean a rear action (careful, honey, it’s my first time) or a “rear-ender” car accident.
” i b-tt-banged ‘er..!”
noun, -n-l intercourse
verb, to practice -n-l intercourse with
she has the comeliest -ss in the clique, so she’d be the perfect performer to open the b-ttbang party.

“that’s exactly my idea,” the -ssistant said. “rebecca will be b-ttbanged to exhaustion.”
when to girls take a 2-sided d-ld- and push there b-tts together so the d-ld- goes in both -ssholes
man hwen i saw sara and kendra i wish i could see them b-tt bang.
to ingest drugs by shoving a syringe up the b-tt and squirting the drugs into the r-ct-m.
fact: you can b-tt bang bdo if you don’t want to wait four hours for your digestive tract to be free.
to b-ttf-ck someone with a pistol. see hot b-ttbang.
i whipped out my 9mm and b-ttbanged that dude.

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