butt soup

having loose bowels so bad that it almost all water.
i drank way too much last night, now i have a ridiculous case of b-tt soup.
it like sneezing out your -ss, sometimes its wet and sometimes it ain’t!!
dude, what reeks? did you just rip open a can of b-ttsoup….
when a person has really bad diahrea where in they don’t make it to the toilet fast enough.
usually caused when a person who has gastrointestinitus has had to much to drink and eaten food stocks known for making green p–p and/or large amounts of intestinal gas.
“man, excuse me i gotta go!”
“what? you sick?”
(-running and groaning-)
(returns 30 minutes later.)
“hey i got to leave.”
“what? why?”
“i didn’t make it onto the toilet in time and i sprayed b-tt soup all over the seat and the back of my pants.)
a catch all phrase that you use when you can’t explain something.
yo’ that movie was so good….ah……..b-ttsoup!!

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