Butt weed

portion of a female (or g-d forbid a male…) tramp stamp that rises in a curly fashion out of the top of her rolled-down gym shorts, as if growing out of the dirt in her -ss crack. most commonly observed in the gym where sl-ts roll down their shorts to attract attention, or at the beach. the b-tt weed has the property of turning an otherwise s-xy girl summarily into a piece of trash.
dude #1: “bro check that one out. i’d hit that sh-t”
dude #2: (turns to look and girl turns around) “dude, f-ck that she’s got b-tt weed.”
dude #1: “yeah didn’t see that. i’m over it.”
a nonsensical word to be used as an insult around children, in place of a harsher word.
dadgummit, that b-ttweed just pulled out in front of me! rats!
the hair that grows out of your -ss crack
dude your b-tt weeds are so long

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