a tick that only sucks blood from b-tts; usually use this phrase for when someone is being annoying
person 1: “can i borrow a pencil.”
person 2: “no.”
person 1: “thanks a lot, b-ttick.”

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  • caring capacity

    much like the biology term: “carrying capacity”. it is the most one can care about any particular situation. “oh, and also we’re going to have balloons and watch movies and there will be cake. and omg jimmy is invited and i hope he goes, but also-” “karen, stop. i’ve reached my caring capacity”

  • catch a z

    catnap /relest/sleep very short time i try to catch a z at lunch hour at wotl

  • chat sh*t get banged

    expression used to humiliate people who hate on someone or somethi when someone says “jamie vardy sucks” and he then scores 10 bpl games in a row, you reply with “chat sh-t get banged”

  • cigarette d*ck

    the unfortunate smelly product of receiving oral s-x from a smoker. 1: hey man, i heard you hooked up with that chick from the bar last night. 2: nah, just a blowie… but she smoked so many camels i got a nasty case of cigarette d-ck.

  • c*ckshlap

    c-ckshlap: a derogatory reference to call someone who you preferably don’t like. johnson: hey harry. harry: yeah johnson? johnson: you’re a c-ckshlap harry: f-ck you c-ckshlap.

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