the -n-l sphincter

see also -rs-ring and -ssring
angie shouted when pete’s gigantic d-ck forced her b-ttring.
the dark area around the base of a hemorrhoidal ointment injector tube.
hey baby, what is this ring around the toothpaste tube, ‘oh, sorry darling, i didnt mean to leave it on the sink top, that’s my b-tt ring on my hemorrhoidal ointment injector tube.
the sound it makes when a guy f-cks a girl up the hiney, slips a cell phone in there, and then has somebody call it. the b-ttf-cked girl is usually confused about what is going on.
soon after mindy staggered out of the frat house bathroom, we heard the b-ttring. we knew that she’d given up her p–per even before she could tell that the sound was coming from inside her guts.

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