being a or is a bw-nkus ; way to insult
“ethan is such a bw-nkus.”

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  • cillianing

    being a lying c-nt that licks females -rs-holes but has no male friends q:what’s he doing now? a:he’s cillianing

  • im sick

    a phrase to use when you are upset or angry over a situation d-mn i lost my wallet, i’m sick

  • toadally awesome

    #1: a g-y pun made by konami (creator of yugioh) to remind every f-ggoty nerd who plays yugioh to kill themselves. #2: a derogatory term used for virgin card-playing nerds with no life who jack off to weeb sh-t. i saw some f-ggot playing yugioh while watching weeb sh-t, and i told him he was […]

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    #1: a derogatory term used for g-y people who spend every minute of their pathetic lives jacking off to g-y p-rn. there’s a percival18 in my cl-ss who i always see doing naughty things under the l-lewd…

  • iester

    another word for burnt toast. oh man i totally just made a iester and that was my last piece of bread.

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