a childish version of the term bruv
you’re a good ickle bwuv, yes you are.

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  • BYHD

    acronym. “burn your house down” “hey dude. do you have that money you owe me?” “byhd, motherf-cker.”

  • b0lly

    billy corgan… lead guitarist in the smashing pumpkins omif-k! i love b0lly!

  • Baaa

    1) noun: a person who is pr-ne to making mistakes, or is in a difficult situation. 2) verb: to make a serious mistake. 3) exclamation: a word uttered after making a serious error or mistake, or in reaction to one. 1) piyush is a baaa. 2) piyush, you’ve baaad it hard. 3) “piyush, i heard […]

  • baba shoper

    someone that uses real money to buy items in an online role playing game that guys spent all his usd on this game because he like to be a baba shoper

  • babble

    (noun) an incomprehensible stream of words. examples: languages you don’t understand, baby talk, a sentence that doesn’t mean anything, telling a story that doesn’t make sense. (see also gibberish, prattle, chatter) (verb) to engage in babble talk. derived from the legend of the tower of babel, the biblical origin of all languages. -kneecap, singlehanded, sheetmusic, […]

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