a halo term in which you press “b, x, r” on the controller. by pressing “b” (or whatever you have melee set to), it’ll melee and by pressing “x”, it cancels out your melee, and by pressing “r”, it’ll shoot. by doing this in one smooth motion and accurately, you’ll pull off an insta-kill.
“bxr in your face, noob”
a series of b-ttons to press in the xbox game halo 2, used somewhat frequently in xbox live matches and lan tournaments. by pressing b(melee), x(cancels melee animation)and r (shoot) in succession, when you near an enemy, you will successfully take down his shield, and kill him with the three shots from a battle rifle (this is the only weapon for a true bxr to be used successfully.) bxr can save you from close firefights as you can kill an enemy almost instantly, regardless of your health and shield bar.
“my bxr is h-lla sick”
used in the fps “halo 2”, bxr is where you do as the t-tle says; tap the b b-tton(or meele b-tton), then x(to cancel out the meele attack) and right trigger. if done correctly, if you shoot a shielded oppoent, it will kill them, regardless of the shield.
bxr user finds someone and bxr’ed him
bxr’ed noob screams “ch3ater!1!!1!” before he quits the game/leaves feedback for cheating.
a bxr is a b-tton succession in halo 2, in which you can use any human weapon and select covenant weapons to instantly kill an opponent. with default controls, you press the melee b-tton, “b” by default, to beat-down, and as soon as your attack meets its target, hit x and r as fast as you can keeping your target reticule on their face. this will drop their shield, and kill them if done correctly. as said before, this can be done with a pistol, a sniper rifle, a battle rifle, and carbine.
haloplayer1: -bxrs- haloplayer2

haloplayer2: wtf, way to cheat.

haloplayer1: not cheating. owning. get raped!
1) a move used to take down halo 2 sheilds and kill a person with the 3 bullets in a battle rifle

2) short for bxr candyman; an strange, bi annoying bish that is bad at all games
1) i totally just bxr’d that nub!

2) its time to play “kick bxr!”
a halo 2 combination.

also: a small but weirdly chubby and nice-to-fondle breed of piglet which walks on its hind legs, plays games all day and makes a peculiar noise when you prod it. also happens to be the only type of piglet that can swim.
b x r.
british x regiment

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