the word “sick” times a billion; the most unbelot term ever coined
“yo do you know andy byeon? yeah he’s f-cking byeonsik bro.”

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  • line f*cking

    when a group of people are b-tt to crotch grinding on each other nicki minaj and ariana grande were line f-cking on the amas

  • photini

    a bongo drum that is nice and pretty but often rambles about random sh-t. nice and caring, sweetest person ever! photini is a bongo drum!

  • kanchan

    an amazing family member who can strike past anything in its way. the best sister and daughter anyone could ask for. dad: can you go buy medicine for me please? kanchan: sure, love you dad!!

  • allysse

    an awesome girl whom usually has black hair and a banging body. everyone loves allysse except for haters who are jealous of her amazing charisma and smile. shes the best kisser and captivates her audience. did i mention her booty is off the chain? im going to allysse it and everyone will adore me.

  • banana rabies

    when you have add/adhd and your meds wear off susan must be experiencing banana rabies right now because she’s off her rocker. i love it.

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