from the pc game counter-strike, where c1 will send a radio message ‘roger that’.

now used in real life.
geek 1: man this new monitor rocks!

geek 2: c1 on that.
“afirmative” – a phrase in the game counter-strike
rh0x (dead): man that lynx kid is a f-ggot
sh0ck(dead): c1
a cs-ers counter-strike way of saying “affirmative”. if you press c 1 in counter-strike it`ll say affirmative.
someone: “need backup”
lilgirl: “c1”
small single engined airplane made by cessna. generally refers to the cessna 172, the most highly produced airplane in the world.
bob: we flew down to la in the c1. it was so fly.

edith: that’s ballin’ bro.

bob: they make a gulfstream do 360s for 5 minutes while we were in the pattern to land.

edith: that b-tch in the g6 must have been way p-ssed.

bob: h-lla pro.

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