a piece of chicken.
corndog b-n-r cabato

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  • Clitoral Fudge

    cl-toral fudge is milk chocolate fudge placed on top, to the left, or above the cl-t. “nancy told me she was starting to get bored in the bedroom. to spice things up, i have bought in a casing of cl-toral fudge.”

  • Knoll Hole

    a college dining hall that has sub-par food and coffee machines that are empty at inconvenient times. the students working there are kind of nice, but they look really frustrated whenever you sit at a table they just wiped down. it’s usually everyone’s second choice when choosing where to eat, but sometimes, you just end […]

  • know in the biblical sense

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    (lej-it-imoh) -adjective 1. legitimately emo. 2. any situation in which an individual finds themselves in a depressive mood, thusly affecting those around him/her. -verb 1. the act of being legitimately emo. person a: hey, what’s lars up to? person b: i’m not sure…last i heard, he had locked himself in his room. he kept saying […]

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    what you ask for down in england if you want lemonade. if you ask for lemonade they’ll just give you sprite . i dont know what happens when you ask for sprite ….. id rather fancy some lemon squash mum.

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