“spanish iraq slang”
jive motherf-cker, or jive turkey. can be both good and bad depending on the delivery
yo cabrero whats going on?

you motherf-cking cabrero!

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  • Cachalote

    spanish for thick and yellow toenails usually seen in old people. “yo pedro… better get the toenail cutters, you have some nasty -ss cachalotes”!

  • cachudo

    means your wife is cheating on you. cuidado no vayas a ser cachudo. be careful you’re wife might be cheating on you. also cornudo in some parts of the spanish speaking world. it means cuckold. cachuda for women (cuckqueans) que cachudo que eres! (you’re such a cuckold!)

  • cacktail

    noun: alcoholic drinks used to f-ck one’s self up. “hey mader – let’s grab some cacktails down at sharkeez and check out the beautiful babies.

  • Chin for brad

    when someone says something ridiculously stupid, you say chin for brad “hey stan what time is it?” “dude theres atleast 20 clocks in here, chin for brad”…

  • Riffic

    untouchable by man; above all; the second comming; the cause of envy; gods gift to woman; walks on water; the one; all powerful; feared wow he is so riffic, i wish i was him! see also ross atwood worst ik ever “riffic was the worst ik ever” a cool, chic way of stating the word […]

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