some information that is completely untrue or false. a subst-tute for bullsh-t.
allison: i’m so cool.
sara: that is totally cadenfou

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  • fuckin ass

    a common expression when you are extremely p-ssed off “dude did you bring the p-rn?” “ahh f-ckin -ss, no i didn’t” aka -ss whipe, used for students to call their teachers usually. psst…but to call there teachers that write…fudge inn -rs-. a teacher at my school.

  • fuck me stupid, shoulda been running.

    similar in meaning to “boy, am i a dumb -ss,” this advanced application of “f-ck me running” is to be used in situations which were originally a surprise, but now have recurred over and over again, and the f-ckee (that’s you) has still not had the sense to leave. as in: “i still have a […]

  • rom-dramedy

    romantic dramatic comedy movies. brian- “hey meg, did you see the new rom-dramedy ‘life as we know it’? meg- “yea, i loved that movie… it was so romantic and funny… but kind of dramatic also. and josh duhamel is a total hunk!”

  • Facebook Popping

    the delibarate act of posting a status, logging off, then logging on again to see if anyone commented. me: hey, didn’t you log into facebook like a million times. them: of course not. i logged in once. me: liar! i knew you were facebook popping

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    the act of finding out news or gossip by looking around facebook (mysp-ce, bebo.) the information that you learn may or may not be legit. “how’d you find out i hooked up with jan?” “well, since you didn’t tell me yourself, i had to facebook sleuth to find out the story.

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