a complete f-ck up
he is such a cadooble

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  • sexan

    s-xan- the words s-xy and texan pushed together describing a man who is delicious and from texas. that guy from texas is totally a s-xan!! oooo lala s-xan time!!

  • runny poops

    basically just another word for diarrhea and mostly only old ladies use it. gotta run to the bathroom linda! i’ve got the runny p–ps!!!

  • cash me

    an invitation to meet one outside for a brawl, only if it is suitable cash me ousside, howbowdah?

  • gegax

    a person who has a funny laugh and is always smiling. but they also are a huge b-tch who is g-y as h-ll and is the biggest c-m dumpster you’ll ever meet. hey man, look! he must be a gegax!

  • discreet brady

    when you pay someone $2 for a quick handjob in a car or on a roof. man coming back down from roof boss: where were you? man: getting a discreet brady. i was on break anyways

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