cajun clam

the cajun clam is a s-xually transmitted infection that is commonly spread around the new orleans and panama city beach region, where it thrives deep in the sn-tches of low cl-ss hookers. the clam spreads rampantly during the weeks of college spring breaks when it’s most acceptable for college kids to throw all shame and dignity out the window for a week. the cajun clam has other street names depending on the region such as the cc or the dirty steamer.

symptoms include:
a burning sensation while and/or after urinating
dark red discoloration around infected area

persisting odor

may experience cold ears due to restricted blood flow

not receiving immediate medical attention can result in severe intestinal (including sphincter) ulcers

if treated properly, the effects of cajun clam can be completely reversed.
“hey man how’d your vacation go? did you tame some strange?”

“h-ll yeah pal, but i caught the cajun clam from some one eyed bartender down during mardis gras”

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