when a calculus professor is so over come by the pure extasy of her subject, the professor has a calcugasm. such moments are defined at times by:

1) jumping

2)saying questions are easy when they are not

3)frantic writing including poor grammar, left out words and letters followed by (when having finnished the proof) answering all questions yes!

4)taking the derivative of the inverse square of life with respect to death times the square of -1 as t approaches (1 – your last mark) > 0 such that the function is continuous and still managing to come up with 42.

5) the prof invents the souplemont (suplement) which includes numerous axioms which ask you to prove that 1>0 using the fact that 1 doesn’t equal 0. she then produces such a proof and then falls to her knees and asks the nearist wonk to turn out the lights.

6) the limit as prof approaches calcugasm = souplementary axioms.

if your notice such symptoms please contact your nearest english textbook, (or dictionary if need be) and begin reading, if physical spasms do not subside in either the professor or in your cl-ssmates, contact the nearest hospital imediatly. please do not p-ss go.
my calculus professor just had a calcugasm so now my mark is the limit of x has x aproaches 0.

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