Calgary Stampede

the one and only cultural event in a calgary, alberta canada, the basic premise of which is men getting intimate with livesotck.
another boring night in calgary, is it time for the calgary stampede yet?
the greatest outdoor show on earth!
takes place in calgary, alberta, canada in the month of july.
it’s 10 straight days of rodeo, mini donuts, country music, rides, and the occasional beer!
“you know that the calgary stampede’s in town when on every city block, at least 1 person is wearing a cowboy hat”

“time to get your cowboy on!”
the opposite of the bucking bronco, in which the male has his t-st-cl-s bound, the female dons a strap-on and hops on the male, entering quickly – holding onto the bound nuts for dear life.

good payback for women who have suffered the pain of the infamous bucking bronco .
“i pulled a calgary stampede on him last night. stayed on a full 8 seconds, a new record!”

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