the flyiest finest girl in the world who slays and finesses everyday.she 8s smart athletic and gorgeus.
did you see caliz today. yeah she’s so fine i wish i was her. 🙁

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  • stinky chimney

    when someone blows smoke in another person’s b-tthole i totally gave that guy a stinky chimney

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    people who cant pr-nounce literally i litally said ___ _____ and they didnt even notice!

  • duke kavode

    the most op jedi to ever be known is swoa history duke kavode means someone who is really op

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    when your girl is giving you head and she bites your d-ck. this is called a chickbite because it’s a chick (female) biting your d-ck john: how was your night? alex: it was okay….ow john: what happened? alex: well…i got a chickbite john: let’s go kill that b-tch

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