Call of Duty: Black Ops

a game made primarily for players who like to sit in one place, start a fire, roast marshmallows, and sing “k-mbaya”.
i hate running around and getting in gun battles in call of duty: modern warfare 2. you wanna hop on call of duty: black ops?
a good excuse for anyone to skip school, have no social life, and pwn n00bs
rusty:why werent you at school yesterday?
brandon: call of duty: black ops
rusty: want to go to the dance?
brandon: nahh i need to prestige

girl 1: my boyfriend broke up wit meee:(((
girl 2: why?
gurl 1: call of duty: black ops:(((
arguably the best call of duty in the franchise, at least when compared to modern warfare 2. the game features a stunning campaign mode (takes place during the 50s-70s) which includes the bay of pigs invasion in cuba, the uprising of vorkuta prison, fierce battles in soviet military bases, and even manning a patrol boat going down a vietnamese river while the rolling stones play in the background (and much more).

the game features a multiplayer mode as well, which was the reason for many breakups and low levels of s-xual activity in males ages 16-25. warning: this game is highly addictive please play it in a time span given by your doctor.
noobsn1p3r223: omg call of duty: black ops is so sweet!!

ipwnu666: i know!! lets play it all night

noobsn1p3r223: yeeeah!!

-both lose girlfriends and die of caffeine intake in the following days-
what every male in the western world was playing the week of it being out, while disregarding all females.
i: what do you want to do tomorrow
my boyfriend: play call of duty: black ops
i: okay, the next day?
my boyfriend: play black ops.
i: -_-
my boyfriend: but i need to finish it!!! ;_;
the end of the intelligent world as we know it. may also be used as an effective method of birth control.
jim doesn’t have time for s-x, he just hit level 36 on call of duty: black ops.
the main reason why men are late for dates or don’t even have a girlfriend.
girl 1: where’s your boyfriend?
girl 2: i don’t know!
guy: -shows up- i am so sorry i’m late i got call of duty: black ops yesterday and i umm… lost track of time, but i prestiged twice!
girl 2: whatever! -leaves resturant-
girl 1: hey wait for me!
guy: 🙁 i guess i’ts back to black ops! 🙂
the best excuse for arriving at school late, not doing your homework, why you didn’t exit the house when there was a fire, and it also explains why the guy next to your desk in cl-ss is still single.

call of duty: black ops is the most over-rated game in history, and it is terrible.

army commander: sorry, you aren’t experienced enough to join the army.
n00b: but i’ve been shooting for years! halo combat evolved, half life 2, halo 2, modern warfare, halo 3, rainbow six vegas, doom, g.r.a.w and call of duty: black ops!
army commander: -_-

teacher: why are you late for school?
student: i was busy in the morning playing call of duty: black ops.

someone: you know what’s the greatest thing that happened?
sonic 06 fangirl 1: mephiles!
n00b 1: call of duty: black ops!
sonic 06 fangirl 2: mephiles!
n00b 2: call of duty: black ops!
sonic 06 fangirl 1 and 2: mephiles!
n00b 1 and 2: call of duty: black ops!
someone: this is starting to become contagious -_-

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