1. the eldest and wisest of the nine muses of greek mythology. she is the muse of epic poetry, commonly known as homer’s muse, being the inspiration for homer’s iliad and odyssey.

2. a type of musical instrument which produces sound by sending a gas (either steam or, more recently, compressed air) through large whistles.

3. t-tle of a story in neil gaiman’s sandman graphic novels, in which the greek muse calliope is featured – although here she is misidentified as the youngest muse.
daughter of zeus and mnemosyne and mother of orpheus, calliope is the eldest and wisest of the muses.
an amazing girl. she is really smart. usually writes left handed. gets b-tterflies that makes her blush a beautiful cherry red. looks amazing. can practically control a guy just by looking at them. and has a smile and eyes you can stare at forever.
dude that calliope is amazing!
calliope projects in uptown new orleans, louisiana. c-murder, master-p, silkk the shocker, and the neville brothers are all from calliope.
“knuckle up n-gg-, knuckle up n-gg-
i’m a calliope n-gg- now what n-gg-
i say boot up or shut up or
b-tch get cha life lit up
yeah ya heard me
where they at, where they at, where they at n-gg-
get the gat, get the gat, get the gat n-gg-
ain’t no n-gg- like a calliope n-gg-
cuz a calliope n-gg- is the sh-t
ain’t no n-gg- like a no limit n-gg-
don’t start no sh-t won’t be no sh-t
i said b-tch get off me, b-tch get
off me (take it outside)
them hoes, hoes ain’t nothin but hoes”
“that calliope” c-murder
1- the youngest of the nine muses of greek mythology. she is also known as homer’s muse because she inspired him to write the illiade.
2- type of musical instrumente.
3- t-tle of an issue of vertigo’s the sandman by neil gaiman.
daughter of zeus and mnemosyne, calliope is the youngest of the muses.

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