callum is a gaelic. : disciple of saint columba. the name means of kings of scotland.

the perfect man! any women lucky enough to have one in her life, and should be forever grateful. they are known to be an amazing kissers. and are sensitive to a womens needs,wants and desires.

callum will make any women feel like a queen.

they always know just what to say to a women.

they are full of p-ssion.

they are caring, thoughtful,romantic,cute,funny,amazing kissers,adorable,sensual,intelligent,erotic,handsome,always a gentlemen, will always put a smile on your face, great personality, and s-xy as h-ll.

the only downside to knowing a callum is you will not be able to resist him. just looking into his eyes will have you hooked instantly. just the thought of his gentle touch over your body, will have you so turned on, making your p-ssy so hot and wet, and h-rny, leaving a burning desire to have him right then and there. your lips will be begging to taste every inch of his body.

however, when taught properly a callum can make for a great man servant.
callum s-xy amazing cal wet h-rny kiss man servant queen erotic man
a man who does not realise what power he holds over women. is often flitting between who he likes and who he loves. someone who cannot be forgotten.
why does he do that?” “because he’s callum.”
a dangerous individual that holds grudge’s and is a tormentor of anyone they hate, slightly psychotic.
callum’s likely to hunt you down, tie you to a tree and beat you with a piece of 2×4.
the most amazing boy on the face of this earth;
his ability to make you laugh and smile is un-humanlike
he is also a very hot looking vampire and a very skilled guitar player.
boyfriend to ashli too 🙂
god he’s such a- such a callum!!!!!
marry me!
a truly madcore human being who prides himself on nothing more than waking up every morning and thinking, “f-ck, i’m, such a sick c-nt”.
typically, this individual’s mad skills are admired by his peers, who aspire to live in his shadow.
guy#1: you seen that callum?

guy#2: dude! don’t even say his name! we just call him ‘g-d’ around here.

guy#1: please dont tell him i said that.
a person with unusual accent that attracts alot of female attention.
you are such a callum.
a man who is highly intelligent, kind of cute but can sometimes make him self look like a sh-ggy dog, so he rarely likes to
groom .he cares a lot but sometimes to much, doesn’t like to be in uncomfortable situations for to long, not a big drinker but when drunk tends to be the loudest most cheerful guy.
he is sometimes stupid when trying to fit in. has lost of friends but doesn’t like many, hes more of a follower then a leader.
callum is a true friends and simply amazing but thinks hes a god

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