“putrid liquefied pungent green baby faeces.”
french slang.
usually occurs when a person has had a bad diet of wine and pomme-frites.
if i go out drinking tonight i’ll end up having such a sore and stinging calvert

je ne veux pas avoir un mauvais calvert – i do not want a bad sh-t
v. to make up outlandish tales of personal exploits for self gratification. to purport to hold some career or position that one does not have to impress other people.

n. a person who lies, deceives or embellishes to make themselver look tougher, more experienced or smarter than they are.
“that guy claiming he was a navy seal is such a calvert. he’s never even been in the navy.”


“don’t try and pull a calvert on me, we all know you don’t own a porsche”
when a male, who hasn’t had s-x in a long period and resorts to the prost-tutes
man, im just going to have to do a calvert
a name for a male. possibly comes from latin “calvus” meaning bald… maybe. not all calverts are bald though. it’s just a nickname. like cicero means “chickpea” cause someone had a really huge nosewart, so they called him chickpea, and the name just kind of got p-ssed down. having the name calvert really demonstrates nothing at all about ones personality. calverts can be both sc-m of the earth, or pretty cool guys. also, its not always a black person name. white people can be named calvert too
person 1: hey, whats that kids name?
person 2: calvert.
person 1: oh, i wonder if that name comes from the latin root “calvus?” he seems like he has a full head of hair though, so it must be a nickname p-ssed down from a bald ancestor. other than that, i can infer nothing about his personality, economic status, or any other personality traits.
person 3: calvert is a name which spans all races!

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