camel bath

what male chaldeans do instead of showering. because they stink like sh-t being a dirt-ss iraqi, they see fit to douse themselves in sh-tty cologne to cover their horrid bo. especially the really fat ones that mouth breathe and sweat profusely. the reason why camels use electric candles in their churches is because all of the grease in their hair and the cologne they wear would ignite if real candles were used. this goes back to the definition of a camel (chaldean). they constantly commit tax fraud with the government. this allows a little more money at the moment, but in the long run, they won’t survive. survival of the fittest, and they won’t! facts: 1. they don’t go to college. 2. they inbreed. 3. dearborn is not detroit. 4. they can’t fight because they are p-ss-es, and get their sh-t rocked when the first punch hits their big f-cking nose.
typical mocknooth camels (chaldeans) take camel baths. airdygokbah!

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