Camp Eberhart

where heaven in a place on earth. where people find themselves and their best friends. a life time of memories are created every moment.

located in three rivers, michigan on corey lake. home to the corey lake monster himself, brice and other urban legends that stay close to our hearts.

founded for harris hurlbut eberhart and a ymca co-ed catholic camp. founded in 1909, the camp is having it’s 100th year in the summer of 2009. (shocker?)
sam: hey aimee, what are you doing this summer?
aimee: i’m working all summer long in the archery hut.
sam: … why?
aimee: … it’s an eberhart thing. you wouldn’t understand.

jimmy: oh rachel, i want to spend every moment with you. i love you.
rachel: sorry jim… i got to go to camp for the summer.
jimmy: what kind is this!?
rachel: camp eberhart! seriously bed place on earth.
stuck-up crackerjack luxury hotel-camp where campers are corralled like sheep and heavily regimented. not to mention that their negligent staff slanders partner camp, wakeshma, which is resident to a worldly selection of campers and staff, who are much more real and personable than their silver-spoon counterparts.
camp eberhart?! that camp was so expensive, and it felt just like school! lame!

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