the female -ss; normally referred to in this fashion in terms of ramming a b-tch from behind.
ah yeah, last night i boffed her can all night long.
(1)(n) bathroom
(2)(n) jail, overnight clink or holding cell
(3)(n) b-ttocks
(4)(vb) to stop doing something; to fire or get rid of someone
(1) hold on a minute, i gotta visit the can
(2) they threw the poor homeless guy in the can for p-ssing in the park.
(3) sgt: get off your cans and start policing this area
(4) they won’t can me; i’m the only one who knows what’s going on in this place.
t-ts, b–bs, knockers, etc. makes me want to whack my meat
slang for headphones.
i recently bought a set of koss cans, they are more than adequate.
a compet-tor who is set up against a stronger opponent to make a certian compet-tor look better and/or gain a better record. popular method of building fighters in boxing/kickboxing and mixed martial arts.
“that fighter isn’t all that good even with a 10-0 record because he only fought cans. i’ll wait and judge him when he fights a good opponent.”
someone’s -ss.
“she has a big can…sir mix-a-lot would like her…”
large headphones usually circ-maural in design, mostly worn by audiophiles.
these cans sound amazing

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