cancer stick

i.e. a cigarette. one way a smoker might difuse a non-smoker’s disapproval of nicotine use. use with a sarcastic tone of voice. see also killer stick.
chet: hey jill, see you’re still burning up those cancer sticks.

jill: screw you, chet.
a cigarette(from the fact that smoking causes cancer)
my older half-brother went outside for a cancer stick.
cigarettes – so named because of their carcinogenic effect.
my boyfriend’s mother died last week. the d-mn cancer sticks did her in. if u smoke, reader, you might die a slow painful death too. please don’t.
cigarettes, smokes, death sticks.
i gotta have a cancer stick to start the day.
a cigarette, f-g, smokes etc
keep puffing on that cancer stick
synonym for cigarette. so name because they cause cancer.
i just smoked my last cancerstick.
harmfull tobacco rolled in paper with a useless filter at the end. chock full of nicotine and other sh-t that will lung rape you in the future. proven marijuana is less hurtful then cancer-sticks coughcigarettescough cough omigawd i need a fix because i’m a spineless p-ssy and i’m spending $60 a week on cigarettes. those of you who quit bless your souls, those of you who quit for 2 days and get back on it, and do this repeatedly…grow a back bone if i can stop smoking cigarettes you can to.
-cough cooouuughh coough
-for f-cks sake put that cancer-stick out
-shuddap you people the reason i smoke cigarettes
-no it’s because your weak -ss f-cking gave into peer pressure like a b-tch!!!

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