2 girls inviting their male friend over for a 3some
we should totally capcake that hot guy

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  • easy task

    a person who is cool and is well-liked by his/her peers and someone who dominates at life on a consistent basis. that easy task was the life of the party friday night. whoa! look at that easy task shotgun that beer. the easy task maintained a 4.0 gpa throughout college.

  • Mooshcala

    a temporary loss of all body control due to excitement, happiness or joy. a pet name. a “brittney” like action. another word for the act of lipping, cupcaking or burrowing in a loved one. hey moosh! ive had a rough day, come “mooshcala” me!

  • Moooshkaville

    the answer provided when one asks “why are you going to throw up, my love?” in spanish. person 1: i think i’m going to throw up. person 2: ….porque mi amor? person 1: moooshkaville

  • Bundesrepublik Deutschland

    bundesrepublik deutschland is german for “federal republic of germany” which is the full official name of the german fatherland. see germany for more details. british: hey, you see what the bundesrepublik deutschland is doing? americans: not again, man. germans: blitzkrieg! french: oh shi- polish: —-

  • Nutter Knife

    commonly misinterpretted as a b-tter-knife, it is a knife used my those who either like “nuts”, or they are “nuts” themselves. i used the nutter knife to spread my peanutb-tter on my toast.

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