caffeine but more intense
dat dag must have had some cappeine, it freakin out son

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  • Kitchspensive

    term used to describe cheap, often tacky items which cost entirely too much money. this bobblehead costs $20! talk about kitchspensive!

  • Kits or Rips

    to tell someone to p-ss off (kits) or they will start a fight with you (rips). the word ‘kits’ can also mean ‘give it back’ or ‘shove off’. john ‘hey what the f-ck dave your in my chair, kits or rips buddy’ shaun ‘whoever has my pen kits’

  • Response Addiction

    the need to have reply to things you say in order to feel like people care. john suffers from horrible response addiction, he needs everyone to affirm what he is saying all the time.

  • restless dragon

    cl-ssic p-rno name for a p-n-s “yo dude last night my b-tch was sucking my restless dragon”

  • Retard-athalon

    mentally deficient people running around pretending to be athletes in dumbed down events where “everybody wins”, no matter how many hours it takes them to complete the 100 inch dash. see: special olympics billy got a gold medal for his 45th place finish in ball-bearing-put at the r-t-rd-athalon.

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