a new swear word discovered by two real cool people which defines a c-ck-sucking p-ssy-licking sh-t-f-cking
t-t-squeezing -ss-kissing h-m-s-xual tea-bagger.
“you are a capstasht”
i.e. you are a c-ck-sucking p-ssy-licking sh-t-f-cking
t-t-squeezing -ss-kissing h-m-s-xual tea-bagger.

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    an inflamed ghandi is a p-n-s that has been rubbed raw by skin contact. it commonly occurs when masterbating without lube or thigh f-cking. man, that girl was so dirty i got an inflamed ghandi because i wouldn’t f-ck her. liar. you got that whacking off.

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