Captain Woodie

1) refers to a part which serves no constructive purpose, but desires to lead.
2) leadership by focusing on why we failed rather than on how we can do better to succeed.
3) lack of planning, communication, insight, and follow-up. a bad leader who talks a good game but does nothing to achieve the goal then brags about how close we came to success and blames bad luck for the loss.
captain woodie came to run the meeting, but only talked about how much he loved being in the marine corps. consequently, nothing got done and no decisions were made. we wasted an afternoon because of the wood!

everyone was p-ssed that we’d failed to meet our objective, and then captain woodie told us that there were just too many obstacles and we’d have to beat our heads against the wall for a long time before we could expect to win.

we could have been better prepared for the compet-tion, but no one planned any training, or told us anything. after the race, while we were trying to figure out how to get home, a captain woodie came out and told us how we could have won if we’d had just a bit more luck

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