car fox

a female that appears to be very attractive, but from closer inspection it is determined that her body is not up to par with her face. from inside her car, she is a fox.
dude! i thought i saw the hottest girl ever but then when she stood up, she turned out to be an obvious car fox.
1. the goofy mascot for that is best known for saying, “show me the carfax,” to unsuspecting car salesmen.

2. to place printed pictures of the carfox in obnoxious places around another’s home or place of work.
1. during the commercial break, a low-budget commercial came on featuring a fox, known as the carfox, encouraging customers to pester car salesmen with cryptic questions about “carfax.”

2. “he f–king carfoxed me again! i keep finding the d-mn carfox in all my sh-t at work! i think i might just quit this job.”

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