car fuck

a motor accident in which the lead car has another car piled up on top of it from the rear, the result of a tailgater being unable to stop in time through being too close.

resembles one car mounting another.
witness: a kid ran out in the road and the lead car had to stop real fast, the car behind was unable to stop in time and really car f-cked him.

fireman: well driver in the lead car has no worries now, the rear cars engine block has taken his head clean off.
a cl-sterf-ck of cars.. like when the traffic light turns red and there are 8 cars in the intersection, then the other light turns green so there are another set of cars trying to get into the intersection as well. can also occur when an accident happens and a pile-up of cars in the accident and otherwise stop traffic, causing a carf-ck.
oh man, we’re trying to turn left but there’s a huge carf-ck blocking our way!
wen you f-ck in a car. may be in the back seat or may be in the front.(may cause acciedents if in the front due to interference)
on the way to disney world i cover jonnys eyes and car f-cked his mother in the front seat.

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