caradog is a welsh name for an awesome person. anyone who hates this person is a complete d-ck.

usually, a person with the name caradog, gets a lot of girls.
caradog is one of the most caring people in the world and is an amazing friend, anyone would want to have him as a boyfriend.
caradog is just so much of an awesome person, you’d be lucky to know him..

some people called caradog are utter d-cks, but most of them are just too awesome to argue with.. if someone calls caradog asks you out, don’t push them away! because it’s your lucky day!
person1: hey dude!
person2: hey!
person1: do you think caradog will want to come to my party?
person2: if you’re lucky enough!
person1: which dumb f-cker wouldn’t want him to come to their party?
person2: i know right!

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