literally “d-ck face”

the full phrase is “cara de mondá” where cara=face and mondá=d-ck (the accent over “á” indicates a stress at the end of the word; the stronger the stress and the wider you open your mouth, the greater the effect)

a curse used by the caribbean people in colombia. it has no real meaning whatsoever and, like almost all the curses in colombian caribbean, it is not insulting by itself but depending on the context and the tone used.
friendly use:
habla, caremondá (what’s up, d-ck face)
dile al caremondá ese que venga ya enseguida (tell that d-ck face to come now asap)

insulting use:
¡cuál es la malparida vaina tuya caremondá! (what’s your f-cking problem you d-ck face!)
¡ven y dímelo en mi cara, caremondá! (come and tell that to my face, d-ck face!)

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