vomiting in an automobile.
my son ate that c-sserole your mother under-baked; that’s why he carfed!
1) originally used to describe when someone coughs and a little barf comes up.
2) can also be used as a synonym for “cool”.
1)”d-mn i was laughing so hard i carfed.”
2) “your shirt is so carf!”
when you cough so much that you barf.
she was coughing so much after she smoked that she carfed!
the equivalent of “nomnomnom… etc” but specifically for crunchy food, such as macho nachos.
ronni scared down a nigeria-sized helping of macho nachos with extra beef like carfcarfcarfcarfcarf.
when you start coughing so hard you cant stop and you end up barfing.
when i had a cold, i got an itch in my throat that made me carf.
the act of wearing a scarf
kid at party: yo, you see difed and that scarf
me: yeah dude, that kid carfs all over the place
when a person coughs and farts simultaneously.
when joe was coughing up a hacker, he also farted.
jan started laughing and said did you just carf?
cough and fart at the sametime
he that lady just carfed

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