it is a slang word for the meaning lit
bro i am so carg i can’t even believe it

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  • tangina ka

    tangina ka is a filipino word that is very nice to say when your near around filipinos, the meaning of tangina ka is everything, because it defines a lot of words like thank you , and excuse me ”can you please move tangina ka? harang ka eh” ”tangina ka from the bottom of my heart.”

  • demon jiz

    the skeet of a demo shut you bag of demon j-zz

  • mexican short bus

    the act of using taco sause or salsa as lubricant either for the -n-s or v-g-n- we ran out of lube last night so while rosita wasn’t looking i gave her a mexican short bus

  • catfrican american

    another name for a black cat it is considered to be bad luck for a catfrican american to run out in front of your car

  • cascanette

    some crazy -ss sisters that loves there family to death even when her annoying little sister doesn’t wake up for school so the middle sisters have to wake her up and the mom is drop dead gorgeous who works so f-cken hard and dose her best to make every one happy this it’s the cascanettes […]

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