‘caress’ in greek. she is a nice girl at first, she is loving and caring but is hiding her true feelings. when she doesn’t like some one she really doesn’t like someone. she will lash out and cause big dramas, and she is always at the centre of them.
have you hear about all this drama?
let me guess, carissa is the centre of it…
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means “beloved” in greek.

the best friend you will ever have. a beautiful, witty girl who drives an earth killer and is banned from consuming milkshake beverages. she owns enough handbags, blouses, and perfumes to start a macy’s. also, your future maid-of-honor.
“dude, who was that chick with the coach sungl-sses driving the really obnoxious truck?”
“oh, that was just carissa.”
an amazing person, the most amazing woman in the world. although she has a few things going against her, she is also the strongest and most courageous woman i’ve ever met. a perfect girl, who no one can put down. she is beautiful, and has an amazing personality, great sense of humor, and a perfect body. if you meet a carissa, you will fall in love.
guy 1: wow, that chick is hot, who is that?

guy 2: i don’t know, but she is beautiful, and has an amazing personality, great sense of humor, and a perfect body; i want to know her better!

guy 1: she’s a carissa!

guy 3: no no, she doesn’t even come close.

guys 1 & 2: you’re right.
the hottest f-cking b-tch in the world. the best best friend ever. way hotter than anyone named katelyn(but that’s not hard). not a wh-r-(like someone named katelyn). super pretty, could get any guy she wanted. and wayyy effing smarter than your b-tch -ss.
“why is katelyn getting the sh-t beat out of her by carissa’s bffffff?”
“oh, cuz she was tryna talk some sh-t about carissa.”
girl with a body like jennifer lopez and has a smile like a roman g-ddess. kind to all and sweet to every one. boyfriends are usually nice and kinda look like tom cruise. has friends that care for her. her boyfriend also probably loves her alot. kinda reminds you of an angle
man 1: did you see that hot chick walk by?

man 2: yea man, she was such a carissa.
carissa is the most beautiful girl in the world. she knows how to have fun. carissa is pretty much the most funny and nice girl i’ve ever met, and she doesn’t even flaunt it. plus, the girl’s got an awesome chest. her big blue eyes are the most enchanting i’ve ever seen.
dude 1: carissa’s looking fineeeeee.

dude 2: man, i know.


carissa: (while walking by) hey guys!

dude 1 & 2: heyy!!!!! … wow….
a person with a humerous personality; a funny being
that man was acting very carissa.
a beautiful girl, with a great body (typically a cheerleader). she is usually very flexible, but no one knows, so once a guy gets her in bed, he’s gonna have fun that night! she usually has gorgeous hazel eyes, is tall, and has blonde hair. she is very popular. she doesn’t have boyfriends very often, as to she is trying to find the right guy. carissa means beloved in greek, which is very true. she is loved by everyone, except jealous girls. she has a nice body, and curves that a guy would die for. she is skinny, but hey at least its not fat! she usually knows when a guy is the one for her. she will most likely fall in love with a guy named daniel, or jack. she always dates hot guys, typically baseball, lacrosse, or basketball players. don’t get me wrong, but it’s hard to find girls named carissa, so when you meet one, you gotta get on that before any other guy does. good luck finding a carissa!
beautiful cheerleader flexible tall hazel luck daniel jack carissa

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