the shared beliefs of george carlin (1937-2008), one of the greatest human minds that ever lived. carlin taught us that republicans/conservatives are full of sh-t, kids today are largely flawed, g-d doesn’t exist and those who believe in most religion are -ssholes who kill people for no reason (his words, not mine.), and people in general are scared, weak, evil, manipulative, callous sacks of sh-t who sit around playing with their pr-cks until they die, and other such thoughts.
churchgoer: hey, i’m going to church, wanna come?

carlinist: no thank you, i believe in carlinism, now if you’ll excuse me, i’m gonna go jack off.
refers to george carlin, a comedian from 1960s-2000s. carlin was prolific in his (usually profane) observations and ridicule of societal norms.
a typical carlinism: “my friend is undergoing extensive c-ntification with his latest girlfriend.”

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