carnbroe is an area in the vile cesspit of coatbridge. contrary to popular trends, it is full of huns, not ira flute bands. the population consists primarily of junkies and rochols.
that burd rochol fae carnbroe is a pure hun

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  • park your pony

    to stick your v-g-n- in a mans face park your pony c-nt.

  • italian rocket

    when you tuck your b-llsack into your -sshole and crush them as you -j-c-l-t- to blow your load faster “i was sitting at home bored so i gave myself an italian rocket”

  • fnj

    f-ggot n-gg-r jew p1: you’re such a fnj

  • scruffy sack

    when you b-lls look like a raised up gorilla and they smell like swet and sh-t this kid named jeff looks like a scruffy sack

  • mexican lap dance

    the act of a couple having s-x while the man sits on the toilet and takes a dump. the woman sits facing the same direction and does the work. i asked her for a blumpkin but she said she’d rather give me a mexican lap dance.

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