a robot named carol who fights for freedom and justice.
here comes the legion of carolbots!

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  • follow the snowflakes

    the act of walking, while drunk, in the wintertime. “hey man, how are we gonna make it home tonight?” “we’re gonna follow the snowflakes dude!”

  • Reniceamapent

    when you’re at the table and you ask someone to p-ss the b-tter (or other food) and instead of p-ssing it, they use it then p-ss it. pr-nounced – “re-niss-a-mah-pent” i asked for the milk, but they p-ssed it to everyone else before me. dude, that’s some serious reniceamapence. yea, they were totally reniceamapent.

  • Post-Virgin Syndrome

    when a female becomes overly romantic or secretive over her first s-x partner. “so how does it feel now that you’ve done it?” “oh no, i don’t talk about our s-x life. it’s special, and only stays between him and i.” “yup, you have post-virgin syndrome.”

  • Rental Mental

    a skier who doesn’t know what their doing, and rents oversized skies, wear’s jean’s, and skis with the coat blowing wide open. hey guys…look at the r-t-rd rental mental!

  • retaliate

    to give sh-t back 2x worse then what they did to you. my mom took away my tv, you know what, im going to retaliate!

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