she is ugly
wow she must be a carolslea

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  • wild logic

    when you know there are consequences to the situation you are in but don’t care what they are. i am going to jump off this roof with wild logic

  • harmonys tits

    harmonys t-ts a well known pair of t-ts which are very big and held up by either blue, white or pink straps. harmonys t-ts are very dangerous as they can break your wrists but when harmonys t-ts are in a good mood, there amazing. “woa dude have you seen harmonys t-ts? “

  • gurtzy

    gurtzy (gert-zee) everything you ever wanted but nothing you ever wanted to deal with. “to bad she’s so gurtzy. she’s a looker but i’d rather not deal with the baggage.” dramatic or crazy

  • playing yugioh

    trading nudes of girls with your bros kyle- hey bro wanna play yugioh? brent- h-ll ya! i just got a new card last night jordan- i heard you guys were playing yugioh, wanna see the card i got this morning?

  • blue whaffle

    blue whaffle is a sickness males get from s-x and it makes your d-ck all puffy and nasty don’t get it. i f-cked a b-tch last night and got blue whaffle.

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