alejo [uh-ley-hoh;; spanish ah-le-haw] /əˈleɪ hoʊ;; spanish ɑˈlɛ hɔ/ (show ipa), 1904–80, cuban novelist, writer, and musicologist.
historical examples

madame carpentier’s earrings were two great pearls, worth at least two hundred dollars.
strange true stories of louisiana george washington cable

if it is as certain as this we shall put our money on carpentier.
punch, or the london charivari, may 13, 1914 various

it took him all his time to remember that a harp was like water and carpentier like a greek god.
balloons elizabeth bibesco

bridau’s hand was grasped by mignonnet, carpentier, and several others.
the two brothers honore de balzac

carpentier, not to be outdone, draws for me a huge fist encased in a boxing glove.
my wonderful visit charlie chaplin

it was included in the scope of carpentier’s punch, we feared.
pieces of hate heywood broun

we are not a turncoat; we had hoped that carpentier would win.
plum pudding christopher morley

carpentier, at the opposite corner, was apparently at ease; sat smilingly in his gray and black gown, watching the airplanes.
plum pudding christopher morley

it was gone the instant carpentier came in sight of his ninety thousand.
pieces of hate heywood broun

carpentier, too, must have been leaving something to the gods, for his tactics were wildly reckless.
plum pudding christopher morley

georges (ʒɔrʒ), known as gorgeous georges. 1894–1975, french boxer: world light-heavyweight champion (1920–22)

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